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Topic outline

  • Just the tours please

    If you just want to attend some or all of the virtual world tours, then this is the place for you! If you want to participate in the VWBPE MOOC along with the tours, go to the MOOC Basics course and create an account. 

    Below are weekly units, with the tour information.  Each weekly block opens on the Sunday before the tours start.

    Hope to see you there!

    Email lorraine_mockford@yahoo.ca if you have any questions.


  • Week 1 - A & B

    There are 2 tours this week.

    A. Avaya Alive - Virtual Museums: 29 Jul @ 9:00 AM SLT

    B. VIBE / OpenSim:  01 Aug @ 8:00 AM SLT

  • Week 2 - A & B

    There are 2 tours this week:

    A. Loire in Wonderland (OpenSim) - Monday 05 Aug at 5:00 PM SLT

    Access information below.

    B.  Sonic Immersion in UWA Virlantis, Second Life - Thur 08 Aug at 8:00 AM SLT

    SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/UWA%20Virlantis/107/126/23

  • Week 3 - A & B

    There are 2 tours this week:

    1. Wander Weird Worlds with Agile Bill Krebs. Tuesday 13 Aug at 5:30 PM SLT.

    a) How to join - Simply point your Mac or PC browser to http://join.me/agiledimensions  at the time of the MOOC tour


    We will be exploring Innovation @UWE Island in Second Life on Thursday 15 August at 8:00 AM SLT. 

    Our host will be Liz Falconer

  • Week 4 - A & B

    This week we start with a tour to Jokaydia Grid to learn about Sim-on-a-stick, then a return visit to AvayaLive for more exploration and a wrap-up to the formal part of the course.

    1. Monday 19 Aug @ 6:00 PM SLT. Click the link below for information on how to access Jokaydia Grid (Open Sim). Once you get there, use this location SLURL:  Arbennik%20Island%201/126/123/

    2. Wednesday 21 Aug @ 8:00 AM SLT. Click on the link below for information to access AvayaLive.

  • Additional tours on 5th of September to ka:media's Language Village with presentation of new Cloud Party features.

    • VWBPE related extra tours on 5th of September.

      Many things have improved in Cloud Party the last weeks. It has once again become a better place for 3D related education.

      German Language Village - VWBPE Tour

      You will be guided through ka:media’s Language Village and some other places. We will explain how Cloud Party’s actual development is useful for educators.

      Everybody is welcome, join us with a simple mouse click in your Chrome or Firefox Web Browser.

      There will be two identical tours on 5th of September:

      - 1st tour starts at 00:30 am (PDT/SLT) for all guests

      - 2nd tour starts at 9:30 am (PDT/SLT) for all guests

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