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  • Just the tours please

    If you just want to attend some or all of the virtual world tours, then this is the place for you!

    If you want to participate in the VWBPE MOOC along with the tours, go to the MOOC Basics course and create an account. 

    Below are weekly units, with the tour information.  Each weekly block opens on the Monday before the tours start. All times are Second Life / Pacific time.

    Hope to see you there!

    Email lorraine_mockford@yahoo.ca if you have any questions.

  • Tour 1 :: 25 April - ka:media in OpenSim

    We start our MOOC tours by visiting Ka:Media Language Village in OpenSim on Friday 25 April @ Noon SLT / Pacific Time.

    ScreenshotKamedia’s language Village outlines the efficient combination of a Learning Management System and virtual worlds. The prototype of the language village was presented for the first time on VWBPE in 2013. Since then some improvements and many conceptual changes have been made. The Language Village can be used either as a kind of 3D Tool in your LMS, or your LMS can inworld be used to provide content.

    The Language Village consists of a realistic reproduction of a German city and includes little learning units in the virtual world. The the MOOC tour to our “Language Village” will extend the Sim demonstration and will allow to answer detailed questions.

  • 3 tours this week! Details will be posted

    This will be a busy week with 3 tours. Details for each will be provided below.

    • 29 April @ 5:00 PM SLT - Nexus Portals in Kitely
    • 30 April @ 3:00 PM SLT - Hinatore in Kitely
    • 01 May @ 9:00 AM SLT - UWE Island in Second Life
  • Final tour :: Nexus Portal in Unity Jibe

    For the final week we will be continuing the with the Nexus Portal team for a visit to Jibe, which is very easy to access.

    Virtual field trip to JIBE.
    Point your browser to http://agile3d.jibemix.com/jibe/a3dcampusf.html

    Type an Avatar name and hit the ‘Start’ button.

    Choose a look and click the ‘Enter campus’ button shown on the bottom right.

    Move your cursor arrows to walk around! Look for the tour members!
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