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Accessing AvayaAlive

 We would like to commence the exploration of AVAYALIVE ENGAGE environments at 12:00 NOON EST on July 29th at http://wa692.avayalive.com. At this site there will be a billboard listing the links with all the available areas to explore.

    When you click on this link you will be asked to download a plugin (agree to ActiveEx control) and you will appear in the environment as an avatar.There is no need to create an account and no icon will appear on the desktop. The weblink with two clicks presents you with the avatar and enters the area automatically.
          This environment will allow for the simultaneous entry of 30 avatars. VOIP is embedded so you can chat normally with anyone else in the vicinity (a headset is recommended). It is MAC compatible with the Safari browser. I have attached a fact sheet and a paper about the web browser embedded UNREAL engine platform.
Please see additional helpful links;
Last modified: Sunday, 28 July 2013, 4:14 PM
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